About Allied Real Estate Team

One day, we decided to be leaders. Enough about being on the end of market trends – we were going to create them.

Community Centric Realtors

We live in the communities we serve, since we are selling our neighbours on a daily basis we know how important it is to be on top of the local Real Estate market and governance. Having established relationships with municipalities and a strong understanding of future development and OCP’s we have the knowledge to better inform our clients so they can make the best possible decisions.

WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY! You can see our team at multiple community events every year including our annual Santa Claus family picture party, our Halloween pumpkin giveaway and Easter Egg hunt!

Top Performing Realtors

With over 600 homes sold totalling over $500,000,000 in sales our team has been humbled by our clients trust over these last 7 years. As top 1% Stonehaus Agents and multiple time REBGV Medallion award recipients our track record of success for our clients is proven. With all the accolades, what we are proud of most are the 100+ five Star Reviews from our amazing clients! Give us a call and find out what makes us different.

reno to sell

Reno To Sell

In challenging markets it is important for your home to stand out, newly renovated homes offer an ease of purchase for potential home buyers. Team Zubor & Associates have negotiated contracts with multiple builders and contractors to allow the float of all renovation costs (approved by the seller and listing agent) for up to six months after the renovations are complete or until the sale of the property (whichever comes first). This allows sellers to renovate their homes and not have to pay until their property sells (or six months) freeing up cash flow and taking advantage of the benefits of selling a renovated home.


Always Growing

Our aim is always improve and grow. That’s exactly why our sales have grown year over year. It’s not just about the targets either – we’re here to innovate and change the way the real estate market does business. When we flew in Ryan Serhant, star of Million Dollar Listing, one of New York’s top realtors for a presentation in front of a sold out audience – we empowered a lot of growing realtors and real estate investors. Our persistent to be key leaders in the industry fuels us on a daily basis. What can we do next that’s better? How can we help and serve our client better? These are questions we’re always asking and answering.


Put our experience to work for you.